Toyota Prius Redesign – 2023 vs. 2022 Prius Comparison

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When the Prius first debuted, it was an incredible breakthrough. Though it wasn’t the first mass-market hybrid in the US, it was the best, and it quickly became an icon of fuel-efficient cars. It has evolved along an incremental path since then, and while the last generation saw the introduction of a new platform and available all-wheel drive, it still looked and drove pretty much the same as it ever had. But for 2023 the Prius had a massive redesign, including a new evolution of the platform, and the new version is a lot more exciting. Let’s take a look at the changes.

2023 Toyota Prius Redesign Summary

Toyota Prius 2023 Toyota Prius 2022
2023 Toyota Prius VS 2022 Toyota Prius
196 Horsepower 121
57 mpg Combined Fuel Economy 56 mpg
43.2 inches / 34.8 inches Legroom (front / back) 42.3 inches / 33.4 inches
17 inches Standard Wheels 15 inches
8 inches, 12.3 inches optional Infotainment Touchscreen 7 inches, 11.6 inches optional

For starters, the styling has changed a lot. The photos here show the 2023 and 2022 models, and you can see that, although the Prius is still a compact hatchback, everything about the styling has changed. The last of the first generation’s styling cues have been ironed out of the sleek new design. The 15-inch wheels that came standard on all trims of the old model have been replaced as well, with 17-inch wheels coming standard and 19-inch wheels on higher trims. The new design has a wider stance, which you’ll feel in the form of improved handling. It’s 2 inches lower too, which factors into the sleek and more aggressive look.

Enhanced Performance & Efficiency

Toyota Prius 2023
Toyota Prius 2022

The powertrain has been redesigned for 2023, and this is excellent news, since a frequent complaint with older versions has been the lack of power. The new Prius puts out 194 horsepower, a big bump from the 121 horsepower the Prius produced just last year. Some of this is due to the new 2.0-liter engine that replaces the old 1.8-liter power plant, but the battery has also been redesigned with the new lithium-ion pack increasing power output by 15% compared to the old one. The new battery is also smaller, and fits under the back seat, freeing up more cargo space in the back. Most amazing of all, this newly added power doesn’t mean sacrificing fuel economy, and the new Prius will still amaze with its efficiency.

Reimagined Interior

Toyota Prius 2023 Interior
Toyota Prius 2022 Interior

Just like the exterior, the interior has been given a total redesign, for a much more modern and tech-forward look. The available 12.3-inch Toyota Audio Multimedia touchscreen makes it a lot easier to see the controls, and the center-mounted driver information screen has been replaced by a 7-inch display that sits directly in front of the driver, making it a lot easier to see while driving. The system is capable of over-the-air updates too, which is just one of the ways the new Prius keeps from being outdated. A new optional stereo is offered too, an eight-speaker JBL® Premium Audio system with Clari-Fi® technology used to improve the quality of audio that has been compressed for streaming.

Toyota Prius 2023

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All told, the redesigned Toyota Prius is a massive evolutionary leap forward. While previous versions of the Prius made for good commuter cars that wouldn’t burn much gas even in rush hour traffic, the new Prius does all of that while being fun to drive and especially good-looking. Everything that was great about the Prius is back, but with so much more. Stop by Germain Toyota of Columbus to see for yourself.